Who are we?

SelfandTruth is a non-profit organization and A NGO, working in India to help people to realize their self through meditation.

We also create awareness through proper knowledge(truth)

Meditation & Truth will help people to remain in the state of awareness and being in the state of awareness (mindfulness meditation), will help to fight any social problems.

We offer two programs, guided meditation(mindfulness Meditation) and Master yourself program and both these program helps humanity to have a fulfilling life experience.

We also have projects that helps to create awareness on social problems and we work with various groups and organization to fight the social problems.


Let the awareness raise and let the knowledge & Truth protects humanity from any social problems.

Learn Meditation

Meditation helps us to experience true self and remain in the state of Awareness.
Meditation is not just a technique, it’s a way of living.

How to do Meditation and our Guided Meditation Program

Observe the mind and let the mind settle to its own self (source).

The purpose of meditation or Dhyana is to become consciously aware of or investigate into one’s own mind and body to know oneself.

Meditation means awareness or mindfulness.Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. "Watching your breath" is meditation; listening to birds is meditation. As long as these are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation.   Read More +

Master yourself through truth and knowledge

Awareness, Interest, Passion, Clarity, Knowledge, expert leads to mastering yourself.

Everyone has own self and we are aware of only certain things in life. To achieve your mission you need to be aware of certain knowledge which leads to success and Everything in the universe has its own awareness and we do have.

Different types of professionals, belonging to different age groups, should know certain truth if they want to transform their lives.

Our program will help to master their self through proper knowledge and it will help your mission to come true.Read More +

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