About Us

SelfandTruth Mission Statement:

Let the awareness rise and let the knowledge & Truth protect humanity from every social problems.

Who are We ?

SelfandTruth is a non-profit organization and A NGO, working in India to help people to realize their self through meditation.

We also create awareness through proper knowledge(truth)

Meditation & Truth will help people to remain in the state of awareness and being in the state of awareness (mindfulness meditation), will help to fight any social problems.

We offer two programs, guided meditation(mindfulness Meditation) and Master yourself program and both these program helps humanity to have a fulfilling life experience.

We also have projects that helps to create awareness on social problems and we work with various groups and organization to fight the social problems.

Realizing yourself through the meditation

why self and truth ?

When we say “self” we refer to the inner consciousness or the real existence, Beginning in our mother’s womb, our mind and body are fully aware of our self and energy, but once we are exposed to our senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing) by experiencing the outer world, our mind produces thoughts. By reacting to these thoughts we don't realize the true state of Self.

If we realize our Self through meditation and truth, disruptive thoughts won’t arise, Knowing one’s own self allows one to start living at the present moment in tune with the Universe also we will be able to live a fulfilling life experience.

The one who realize his self and will bring peace in the heart, home and peace between neighbors and peace to his surroundings and to the rest of the nation and the world.

We have a guided meditation program to realize their own self. Because every person has their own life experience and we try to understand their life experience and guide them with truth to remain in their true self and to remain in the state of awareness.

The truth is supreme - master yourself though truth and knowledge

Human nature relies very much on assumptions, as we act on assumptions in many cases.

In order to realise the truth and to have a life changing experience, we need to self enquiry.

Our mind will always accept the As truth is its natural state, if we could just slow And spend a bit of our time to address the questions rising in our depths of our hearts.

The universe is an embodiment of truth and knowledge. As long as we are in the path of truth, we can unlock true knowledge which is already exist in the universe.

Every persons should know certain truth in order to achieve his or her goals. For this, we created a programs - “master yourself” - dedicated to various age groups and professional groups.

Knowing yourself and Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.
- Ramana Maharshi

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