Donate for Education

Education is a programme of SelfandTruth, which is committed to provide free education to below poverty line students . Education brings awarness on every social problems and its helps humanity to have a better life experiance.

Also you can use images on your own and check donation page on smile foundation.

Global Warming

The devastating impacts of climate change are clear. Our world is warmer than ever before, and people and wildlife are already suffering the consequences. But that’s nothing compared to what we’re leaving future generations if these trends continue. It’s time to stop the destruction. It’s time for an energy [r]evolution — are major contributors to climate change, accounting for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions

As global temperatures increase, sea level rise and extreme weather become even bigger threats to communities at home and around the world. Already in the United States we’ve seen major hurricanes, floods, drought and wildfires all linked to climate change, and that’s just in the past few years.

Donate to create awareness to protect plants, save energy and to move towards clean renewable energy.

Donate to plant tress and maintain tress.

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